About Himtrust

Himtrust is a components and polyethylene foam additives manufacturer.

Our clients are small and medium polyethylene foam manufacturers. It is not in our interest to work with big and government supported manufacturers.

We do not produce finished products of polyethylene foam, however, we hold a laboratory where  PPU finished products can be checked in accordance with physicals and technical parameters.

Himtrust Today:

  • Scientific activity and production of components and additives for PPU.
  • Our own formulations and Know - How. We have 11 patents which include: patents for polymer - polyol, components for spray form, casting components and others.
  • To be as sufficient as possible, also save time and money of our customers we have opened warehouses with products all over Russia in cities like Nizhnekamsk, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, and Yaroslavl.
  • Dealer network


Himtrust strives to become a highly valued and evaluated company in terms of standard of quality of our products and services for polyethylene manufacturers.

What are we interested in

We realize how difficult it is to create value for our customers in the manufacturing industry. Due to this, we are focusing on our customer services in order for them not only appreciate the quality and price of our products, but also the services provided. Our services for customers include, but not limited to: development and production under clients' technical conditions, warehouses all over Russia, delivery of the products, arrangement of special technologist for testing, consultation on working with components, online store and a personal manager for each client.

Our advantages

  • The company develops its own component formulations. For example, only in our company you can buy a spraying foam system for winter conditions. This allows you to spray in as low as -5 degrees Celsius.
  • Only, here, in Russia we produce polymer - polyol additives without acrylonitrile for slabstock foam and flexible molded PU foam, which are not inferior to our Western counterparts.
  • We do not use prohibited and depleting ozone layer foaming agents (freons) as it is specified in the Montreal Protocol.
  • We obtain and own all of the necessary certificates in Russia, in order to fulfill wishes of our clients and requirements. Details about certifications of Himtrust's products you can find here.
  • We provide individual selection of the components recipes under the client's technical conditions.
  • We provide samples of the components and professional technologist for product testing.
  • We organize production delivery across Russia and the CIS.


Buying our products, you can help children. Learn more about "Good Components".

Be Aware of scams

Attention! Here is the list of companies which illegally impersonate themselves as Himtrust. http://himtrust.ru/company/vnimanie/.