Our discount programs

The size of the cumulative discount per ton Terms of obtaining

System of cumulative discounts for orders placed through the Himtrust online store

2000 rub This discount is given for systems and single-component products to all customers
3000 rub Such discount is provided for systems and single-component products with 1.2 million rubles of total amount for the last 12 months
4000 rub Available for systems and one-component products when the amount of orders is 5 million rubles in the last 12 months.
4000 rub This discount is available for systems and one – component products if the total amount of orders is 500 000 rubles an above in the period of 2 months.

Discounts for big orders made offline

4000 rub Discount of 4000 rubles is available for component A (polyol) with a single order of 17 tons made not through the online store (by phone, e-mail and other means of communication)

How to access our online store?

If you are new to Himtrust

  1. Sign a contract and make your first purchase with our manager’s help.
  2. The manager will provide your personal access to the account.

If you are already Himtrust’s client

  1. Leave a request by filling out the form on the “order online” page. Our manager will contact you and provide your personalized access to the Himtrust’s online store account.
  2. Upon your access to the online store account, you will receive a discount of 2000 rubles/ton
  3. By fulfilling the conditions of the discount program, you can increase your discount to 3000 and 4000 rubles / ton