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Himtrust provides financial assistance to the Nizhnekamsk’s orphanage.

We believe that children’s problems are world’s problems. We understand that sick and parentless children first of all need love and care. By helping the orphanage, we hope that children will grow to a fine and kind young man and women. We want them to be healthy, smart, and understanding people. In addition to that, we hope that one day they can forgive us, adults, for leaving them.

By buying our products you will help children

About the orphanage:

Nizhnekamsk’s orphanage was opened in accordance Nizhnekamsk’s head of administration’s resolution for region #249 on 4th of July 1993, as an educational institution for orphans and children without parental support.


Address: Chab’inskaya street, house 19, Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan Republic Russia 423357

Phone: +7(855)-547-70-85;+7(855)-539-25-40


Ministry: Republic of Tatarstan ministry of education

Short name: Nizhnekamskyi detskii dom (Nizhnekamsk’s orphanage)

Manager: Krivencova Julia Vadimirovna

Year of establishment: 1994