Contract signing

Your impeccable business reputation and integrity is undeniable, however, we all have to pay close attention to the practices of tax authorities in order to avoid claim risks for VAT costs and deductions. In this regard, before signing the contract, we would like to ask you to provide your partner card, scans, as well as the official, signed, and sealed copies of the following documents:

For legal entities:

  • Charter, including changes and additions;
  • State Registration of a legal entity (BIN) certificate;
  • The protocol of establishment of the legal entity and appointment (election) of the manager;
  • Certificate of registration from the tax authority (TIN);
  • Proof of the manager position or proof of the power to sign the appropriate types of contracts (in case the contract is signed not by the manager or the director);
  • Partner Card (requisites);

For individuals:

  • Passport copy (page with a photo, registration at the place of residence, name of the institution issuing the passport);
  • INN Certificate copy;
  • Notification from the tax authority on individual’s registration

Without the provision of these documents we will not be able to sign a contract with you.
We, also, are ready to provide a similar set of documents upon your request.